You Were Never There

February 19, 2011
By , islip terrace, NY
you were never there when i needed you most.
you were never there to help me overcome humiliation.
you were never there to help me through the tough times in my life.
why? i always called out to you for your assistance....but no
i wont forgive you for just leaving me there, leaving me behind.
was i not important enough for you? i guess I'm just another one of
those people who just need attention...wrong.
i was the one who would get picked on. i was the girl no one loved.
i was the one who was nothing in peoples eyes.
i achieve great things, but i don't get recognized. to you i seem
like an envious girl who does what all the other people do to get
noticed...wrong again.
i follow my dreams. i follow my heart...but for what? they only
seem to be crushed by other people when they get the chance, they take
advantage of me. why? because I'm worthless in their eyes.
if they only knew me for who i truly am...they would understand.
I'm powerful, I'm strong, I'm caring and i have many talents...but do
people seem to notice? no.
they take one look at me and their minds tell them to stay away.
I'm lonely in this world. my imagination is my only friend, it keeps
me company from time to time.
if only you were there to help. if only you were there when i
needed you. if only you were there to help me through obstacle's in soul would still be alive and well. you have put me through
pain and sorrow....if only you were there, you would see a smiling
girl once again.

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