Where I'm From

February 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I was from mediocre Marshalltown,
Then from simple State Center,
Now from the middle of Marshalltown.

I was from bright, humorous mother,
Then from angry, unstable mother,
Now from my trusting grandmother whom is the icing on my cake.

I was from drug dependent father,
Then from alcoholic stepfather,
Now from wishing there was somebody there for me.

I was from “I will take you to your friend’s house,”
Then from “I don’t want to drive you anywhere; they can come get you,”
Now from “I trust you, so do what you want as long as I know where you are.”

I was from popular student,
Then from not having the small school name,
Now from quality of friends being far more important than quantity.

I was from “life is easy,”
Then from “it could not get much worse,”
Now from learning from mistakes and continuing to move on.

I was from being too young to understand that I have potential,
Then from never using the potential when I found it,
Now from pulling the unused potential out of the bottomless pit that pilfered it.

I was from working toward my dreams,
Then from obliterating my life at a young age,
Now from a new start…

A new person…
A new attitude…
A new set of goals…
A new life…

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