Where I'm From

February 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I’m from
A nurturing mother,
With a huge heart.
I’m from
A dad who I grew up without,
But his heart was always with me.
I’m from
A sister who has never left me behind,
My best friend.
I’m from
A brother I never had,
Who works hard and rarely fails.
I’m from
A precious gift,
Who healed our heartache.

I’m from
Friends from the beginning of my life,
Some who have been there forever, others who have gone.
I’m from
West Marshall,
A school with cliques,
Where everyone considers each other their family
I’m from
An endless backpack,
Weekends filled with memories.
I’m from
Music and lyrics,
That helps during tough times.
I’m from
The past I will never forget,
And the future that will get the best of me.

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