Where I'm from

February 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I am from a small farm in the middle of the desolate state called Iowa
I am from an old saddle that was like a car seat on a horse's back
I am from horses that I spent most of my time growing up on.
I am from a back church pew where as a child I slept during service.
I am from learning to drive at a young age because my dad needed an extra hand
I am form changing my own oil to save money
I am form having older siblings to model myself after
I am from a small classroom where everyone knows everyone
I am from hard work and perseverance will let you overcome anything
I am from friends who have my back
I am from football where I could hit someone without being reprimanded
I am from wrestling where as a little kid I lost every match to a three year varsity starter
I am from the weight room where I spent countless hours trying to improve myself
I am from a family of five children where I learned to share
I am from going to my Grandparents’ house because my parents put a lot of hours
I am from the outdoors were I learned to appreciate nature
I am from a hard working dad who always had time to spend with me
I am from a mom who always made me eat my food
I am from many broken bones where I learned to be more careful
I am from a big family where I learned to have fun
I am from campfires where I get to know people better
I am from a tent where I spend many nights during the summer
I am from learning from my mistakes as I always will

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