There is more to a person than looks itself.

February 25, 2011
I walk this ground
as I look around
with my head up high
I sense criticism in people's eye

now people talk as if they know me,
but hey, just let me be
like the other teens
who still needs to define life and its means

all these trash talking is some annoying repeat
but you know what? I'll keep walking with no defeat
people judge you by how you look
I always feel like I'm some kind of book

That has been judged by its cover
that has not been read to what it can offer
maybe that's the problems nowadays
you are judged by how your displayed.

All this is judgment, which is a big issue
that sometimes brings people crying on a tissue
judgment leaves people with insecurities
which sometimes gets people to do the stupidest things
just so they can feel like they belong
when sometimes they just end up doing a lot of wrong

That's one of the problems with me
I care too much about what people think
hearing me say this
actually made me realize something i missed

That there's a first for everything you do,
a first time meeting someone new

Everyone has their own opinions,
everyone has their own visions
also a everyone has their own first impression for every person

So here's what you should do
don't believe everything you hear or see, because they might even be true
Take in all the criticism and bid them a due

Through your ears
because trust me, it ain't worth your time to hear
so keep your head up high
because eventually everything will be alright

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