Ask Me If I'm Happy.

February 17, 2011
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Ask Me If I’m Happy.

“Are You happy?”
What am I suppose to say?
What is Happiness?
But a feeling That I felt before the days of Yesterday.
Do You Want me to be honest?
To Tell You how I really feel?
I Can’t.
Because happiness is Not What I feel.
It’s not What I’ve ever felt.
I Don’t even Think I Know the meaning of the word
Are You Happy?
Have You Ever Been?
Have You Truly Ever Smiled Kindly?
Or Always a Sly Fake Grin?
Why Do People Ask The Question
When They Already Know the Answer.
Trying to Cover Everything,
Like A Small Child With Cancer.
Do You Truly Want to know
What I feel in my heart.
I Don’t.
Theres To Many pieces Missing
From when you tore my world
Have You Ever Seen happiness
Reflecting in these Eyes.
Behind the Emotions The humor.
The lies.
No You Haven’t.
Theres Too much to Compete.
And nothings Truly Complete.
My Hearts not made of Gold
More like A Shattered mirror
Of Glass.
Reflecting Back in my Soul.
To A time in the past.
Ask me if I’’m Happy
And I’’ll make up a lie.
Just likeAsking a question
That No one Knows.
Won’t Get a Reply.

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