Addiction to the Dark

February 17, 2011
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Echoing up the depths of my mind
I spilt ink
And it became this poem
Like an ocean of waves
The discontent captured in black and white
Within the immortilization
Of a 15 minute exercise

Leeching, hanging onto
Only the dark emotions
Deep within
The rapt attention paid to
Homelessness and rape and torture
Hunger and pain and horror
The blank empty stares
Hoping to gorge themselves on things that they cannot feel

It's disgusting
In this mostly white 'burbs bubble
And I myself am part of it yet
Realize that this addiction to horror
Is killing whatever emotion we might have had

Spilt ink
To lead a protest
Against this incarnadine tide
My life and others is more
Than the blood dashed on pavement
To satiate the monster inside
It is the blood humming inside of us
That all of us share
To carve happiness in every cell
I refuse to be one of those people
Who never understand the horrors of this world
Unless they watch read hear taste touch them
Is the knowledge they exist not bad enough?

Spilt ink
Silent sound waves
Flowing through the air
My actions make no noise
I choose to be happy
and am thrilled with the prospect of
Life and sunsets and stars
And cupcakes sprinkles and sports
And little cousins and friends and family
And actually getting the priveledge to go to school!

Spilt ink
Became this poem
To remind myself
That their addiction to the dark
Iis not mine
I know of it but refuse to take part
Choosing instead to delight and revel and dream and take joy
That I can feel
And am still aware of
Both sides of the coin

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