The Waltz Of The Sunset

February 17, 2011
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These summer nights
Are all we have
Will they be enough?
We won’t know till the end
All we can do
Is continue on
Through the sparkling nights
The misty mornings
The scorching days

These summer nights
Are the best of the year
We plunge, gracefully screaming
Into the splashing clear blue waves
Disrupting the reflection
Of a picturesque sunset
The yellows, oranges, and reds
Rippling in an eternal dance

These summer nights
Are never long enough
To satisfy our thirst for fun
Like refreshing lemonade
On a boiling summer afternoon
The milky twilight speeds through to
A star speckled blanket of a night sky
That we curl up under
Sweet dreams spiraling through our heads

These summer nights
Keep a gap-toothed grin on my face
Trickles of notes tickle my ear drums
No problems clogging my brain
Only what will tomorrow bring
As these summer nights
Draw to a close

These summer nights
Were all we had
They were enough
And now we continue
Through the raining leaves
The trees encased in ice
The blossoming buds

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