Everything Is Right

February 24, 2011
I can taste the black against my heart.
The bittersweet remnants linger on my tongue.
My eyes ache with the fake smiles that everyone else seems to believe.
The hollow words that I speak mean nothing until your presence allows them meaning.
My tears fade against my soft skin when you are near.
For the life of my existance, I cannot justify it to myself to understand why I feel this way.
I'm malnourished in the act of loving and I've been deprived of strong arms to keep me safe.
But somehow, it all seems to slip my mind when I look into your soulful eyes.
My whole being trembles because I fear things.
Lots of things.
But then I hear your sound, your beautiful voice, and my heart beats faster in relief.
You seem to be held in the same daze that I'm in, yet I have no idea why.
I love you.
I feel like I've always loved you, though it's a mircale that I ever found you in the first place.
I love you and I can't imagine myself without you standing behind me,
watching my back.
Loving me not only with your eyes, but with your fingers and your tongue.
You promise me forever,
and suddenly, there's no black in my past and there's a fluttering in my chest.
I love you and suddenly, it feels as if my fears have been erased and love has filled my thoughts.
I love you, and for once in my life, everything is right.

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