Golden Sunshine Baby Browns

February 24, 2011
By TheSheep BRONZE, Parish, New York
TheSheep BRONZE, Parish, New York
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If you find someone that you know you love, just love that person and God will see you through the rest of the way

Golden sunshine baby brown eyes
Laugh, a melody
Velvet voice
Sweet honey skin
Soft and loving
Firm and fierce
Unbelievably strong, still smooth as silk
Arms wrap around me
Large hands with tender fingers
An even bigger heart
Beating steady and unwavering
Rhythmic and soothing
Through a hard chest
Angelic lips, moving soft and whispering
Comforting, caring words into my ear
Planting kisses on my cheek
And love in my heart
Youthful soul
Bright and blind
Innocent yet corrupt
Amusing and cleverly silly
Tickling my insides and burning my cheeks
Until I beg him to stop before I erupt
Safe arms hold and rock me to sleep
Tears are gently wiped before they reach my mouth
Eyes hold my gaze
They tell me I'll be okay
They say I'm here, and you are fine as long as I am here
So believable and trusting
So warm, and piercing
Even when closed
Eyelashes tickle my nose
Soft lips embrace
Seemingly lasting forever, surreal
Beautiful…just beautiful
Unexplainable and mysterious yet undoubtedly beautiful
He's so small, and so big
So easy to read and almost impossible to understand
Confusing and consuming bliss is all that’s accounted for
Fantasy and dreamy love perhaps
Love...all the same
Like words of love in an unknown language
Felt, but not understood
Pulling me in and pushing away
Like the cool tide
Reaching for me, letting me go
Needing someone and wanting everything
Smiling and spinning
Running and taking leaps
Of faith into pools of water
Not knowing the depths and dangers
Daring to risk drowning
Swirling and smiling
Cold droplets slip down warm skin
Whirling and diving in
After this bold boy
Who seems to be a lucid dream
A force pulls me under
I can barely breathe
Bubbles surround me
And I see a glowing light
I rise from the waters
And watch the fear in his eyes
The sweet air in my lungs
Disappears as tears start to well
From those lovely sunshine soaked eyes
Crashing into his body
I console and I cry
Wondering when, wondering why
A soul who’s so strong
Can be broken like glass
By something so simple
Unbelievably fast and I sob
Like a puddle that shockingly overflows
When I realize the truth
I’ve discovered, I know now
That his fear was not just for me
But for him
Something that has passed
Trembled his every bone
Every muscle inside so beautifully
Toned and he was afraid that it might occur
Again this event that left him so alone
Ashamed and alarmed
Embarrassed by truth
He splashes away like a frightened fish
I follow close behind
And reach for his hands
I squeeze them tight
So he understands
That I’m here, and he is fine as long as I am here
A tear races like light
A smile breaks through
Right after a beautiful laugh follows
Too as a warm sensation
Flows through us both
Like a cup of hot chocolate
And a warm coat that envelopes and hugs
Our hearts in so close
Together they beat and forever they
Know that when sunshine and love
And faith and trust are mixed
Into baby brown eyes
We have us

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