February 24, 2011
By world-thru-words GOLD, Brandon, Florida
world-thru-words GOLD, Brandon, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"I'm trying really hard to forget something that's really easy to remember."

So I have this paper,
and I have this pen.
So why can't I think about anything but him?
Why does he have such a hold on me?
Why is he the reason for every breath I breathe?
Why can't I get him out of my head?
Why is he in every word I've read?
Why is he in my dreams at night?
When I see him, why does my heart clench tight?
Why do I ache when he isn't near?
Why is his absence my only fear?
Why do his eyes always see through me?
Why can't he open his eyes and see?
Why don't I realize that he'll never be mine?
For every poem I write, why is he in every line?
Why is he every thought I think?
Why is he the reason for all this wasted ink?
Why are my feelings so very strong?
Why do I want him, when I know its wrong?
Why doesn't he love me? I want to know.
And if he does love me, why doesn't it show?
Why do I close my eyes at night,
longing for his arms to hold me tight?
Why can't I be one of those girls -
the ones who hold him; they hold my world.
Why can't I be more than just a face?
The girl beside him: how I'd like to replace.
Why do I have to be so darn shy?
Why can't he see that he's the right guy?
Or maybe he and I are the same:
thinking that nobody wants to know our name.
Scared of risks and making mistakes.
Wondering who out there is real and fake.
And maybe whe're the same in that of love,
always looking to the sky above.
Wondering if anyone is strong enough
to see past our act of tough.
Hoping and praying that someone will fight
to break down the walls that we built up so high.
And if he's too shy to break down my walls,
then I'll be strong enough to break his falls.
I will catch him and show him the truth.
Because that is the only thing I can do.

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