He's You

February 24, 2011
By world-thru-words GOLD, Brandon, Florida
world-thru-words GOLD, Brandon, Florida
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I guess I just wanted someone to hold my hand.
To twine our names, at the beach, in the sand.
I wanted someone to kiss me on the cheek.
Is there anything wrong with these dreams i so seek?
I wanted someone to come up from behind,
and tell me I'm beautiful; tell me he's mine.
I wanted someone to go to when I'm down.
I wanted all this, but this is not what I found.
Here I am, wanting what never will be.
And there he is, loving someone other than me.
I can see in my mind how great we'd be together.
We'd be so in love; no doubt about forever.
I guess he can't see what I had in mind,
for he's stuck in her charm and I'm left behind.
I wanted someone to listen when I talked.
But instead of listening, he followed her walk.
I guess I can't blame him; she is a great girl.
I just wish he knew that he is my whole world.
I wanted someone to love with my whole heart.
Instead, I got my dreams torn apart.
So much alike, yet so blind in ways.
I feel like I haven't really lived in days.
Can he realy mean to be so oblivious?
For I thought my feelings were beyond obvious.
There's not a thing in the world I wouldn't do for this boy.
But still, he falls for her meaningless ploy.
I don't know why I hurt myself so,
for comforting him only makes my pain grow.
Why have I set myself up for such a tragic lost cause?
I have been trapped in heartache's powerful jaws.
I just wanted someone to give my heart to.
And that boy I was talking about? Yeah, he's you.

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