Good Advice

February 24, 2011
As I stand here breathing deep,
the freshest air: into my lungs, it seeps.
Outside in this meadow full of flowers,
living by the seconds, minutes, hours.
Closing my eyes and hearing the wind.
The sun shines bright on the end.
And as I start this new beginning,
This new start, new life, is what I'm winning.
And despite everything, it's perfect.
Losing everything I had was worth it.
Someone once told me that to really live,
all you have to do is forgive.
And to love,
just look to the sky above.
To take each day as it comes.
Don't rush, just have fun.
And though it's been said a thousand times,
I'd like to dedicate a thanks to this rhyme.
From now on, I will always think twice.
And until the pen meets the paper again, thanks for the advice.

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