The Blame Game

February 24, 2011
It's silent in my screaming hell.
But then again, you only mean well.
That's why you tore me up inside.
That's why you told me goodbye.
Because you didn't want to hurt me.
But you've done so much more by setting me free.
And instead of being numb and in a daze,
you've shredded my soul and set my heart ablaze.
And I feel every sharp pain that trembles through my being.
I'm not blind, but I am no longer seeing.
And for all that I can't do,
I blame you.
Happiness is sharp on my tongue.
But don't worry, the night is still young.
I'll never be able to love again.
The poison in my bottle is the ink in this pen.
I need to quit you and move on.
And stop singing this horrid song.
I will never trust anyone, ever.
Will I ever quit blaming you? Never.
I hate you.
And I love you.
It's your fault.
It's your fault.

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