Deep Inside

February 23, 2011
By KtMack11 SILVER, Beautiful, Michigan
KtMack11 SILVER, Beautiful, Michigan
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I spook my psyche with my impulsions.
Beware! I might snap free!
Let the spiders through my ears.
Their legs become the key.
They spring the lock without a knock
And hatch themselves a grin.
Their evil sneers then turn the gears.
The spirit wakes within.
Is this the door long awaited for,
The one that’s now ajar?
Does one suppose it should stay closed,
Shut and sealed with tar?
I do ponder what is yonder
Held within that room.
Will it lead to a great deed,
Or lead me to a tomb?
With a flick of the switch the spiders ditch,
And leave the hole they entered.
They abandon their home for somewhere to roam,
Like a landlord released by a renter.

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