In This World of Mine

February 24, 2011
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They are
Flying away from me
Like balloons
I chase after them
Spread my wings of feather
Until I find that
They have been replaced with balloons.

I can’t catch them
They are traveling the
Lazy pace of floating air
Still faster than me
As I start to cry
The sky opens up
And cries with me
Golden drops of fading sun
And blue drops of ink
Stain my skin

They do not know
How much I need them
My balloons detach
Themselves from me
I fall and fall and fall
And impact the ground
So that a crater forms
They are their own person now
And they are irritated by
My slowness and ignorance
I can see it on their faces
Drawn with stinking black Sharpie

Even they, my pitiful balloon wings,
Can catch up
While I am here, broken in my well,
Crying all the colors of the rainbow
They get smaller in the distance
Until all I see is my watery rainbow
Falling steadily
Never stopping.

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maddiecochran said...
May 16, 2011 at 3:37 pm
ha ha i found you! like the baloons!
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