Doch ich glaube dir..

February 19, 2011
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I believe you still too this day though you give me no reason too.
You failed to show me that you could care for me alone.
Yet every time you say you want me,
Every time you say that I am only yours I believe you.
When you promise me you’ll be here forever.
The way you make me smile, and say I do so for you I believe that too.
I even believe the way you say you’ll come for me some day.
Though is that so true?
I believe that too.
Dock ich glaube dir..
but I believe you..
Even though some day it may be proven false.
I still will be here hoping so, that it is true.
For you’ve given me no reason not too.
Yet no reason is there to believe you.
Broken promises, mended. Broken hearts torn and stitched.
Over and over again yet still.
I believe you. To be mine forever, with all the lies as well.
Doch ich glaube dir..

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