Feeling Dead Inside

February 18, 2011
By , Brisbane, Australia
There was,

A quote,

That has been,


In my head,

And it goes,

Like this:

Sick of Trying,

Tired of Trying,

Yeah I'm smiling,

But Inside,

I'm Dieing.

These words,

Sum up my life,


But now I think,

Why do I,

Even try?

Why do I,

Even smile?


In the end,

What does,

It matter?

We all die,

In the end.

And then,

All our,


And friends,

Will join us.

And it will,

Be as if,

We never,


So why bother?

Why bother,

To fit in?

To be popular?

To have friends?

Why should,

We even try?

To be smart?

Its not as if,

We can,

Take our,


With us.

And we will,

Just cease,

To exist.


It be better,

To not,

Have friends?

That way,

No one,

Will be sad.

And some,


Be happy,

About your,


So why,

Do we try?

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