looking back

February 18, 2011
By Anonymous

i thought you were different
i thought you weren't like everyone else
i found myself smiling at the sound of your name
my heart raced when i saw you
your lips filled with poison words
i kissed them to many times
drowned in a sea of lies
you knew how to make me smile
you knew how to break me down
our memories replay in my head
i wonder what did i do wrong?
people talk
people hear
people see things
you were cheating
people saw
people knew
i trusted you
i gave you my heart
i gave you my body
thought you were someone special
believed i could trust you but i was wrong
now i have scars
a broken heart
watery eyes
scared wrist
you walked away with none
you walked away leaving me behind
saying this is only temporary
we will be together again
your poison i believed
trapped i stay here not knowing where to go
not knowing were to look
i would be lucky to see tomorrow

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