February 18, 2011
By , bloomington, IN
i had a dream of you last night
tossing and turning in my sleep
but i couldn't hold on tight
and when i woke i couldn't help but weep
curled up and all alone
yes, your not home
no, i cant fill the empty space
lost without you
without your grace..
this pain hurts so bad when your gone
somehow though i go on
lost in this state of mind
lost in a moment in time
my veins are frozen cold as ice
my heart is beat less by its own device
you are here but not always in sight
hidden in the dark faded into the night
my eyes are stitched closed, unable to see
unable to understand the person i should be
my mouth is taped shut, don't want anyone to hear me scream
life is a nightmare, wish it was only a dream
and my heart has marks black and blue
it only go’s away when you say i love you ”
but after im stuck six feet under ground
a day for tomorrow, in sorrow i’ll drown
suffocating but thats ok
because i wouldnt have it any other way
how ever i go in the end shall be the same

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