In The Dark

February 18, 2011
By Anonymous

. in the dark I am by myself, only me and my thoughts. Dark in my mind and dark in my heart. Alone and afraid. Left alone, afraid to feel and to live, life a life that ive given up. No one seems to notice that in My heart, in the core of my chest, I still feel. even when it is dark, even because its empty, it is huge and it still feels…it still cries. The world, upset, and blind leaves me behind, goes on without me, leaving me in what seems like the same day. Noone understands me, noone sees my reasons. Why am I different? Why am I judged, there are worst than me. There are more like me, why am Suddenly in the world’s dark hole? Someone set me free, for I am alone here and need a way out, set these chain loose and show me again the light of day.

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