Im the only one

February 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Im the only one.
The only one who hasn’t “won”.
Im the only one who doesn’t smoke, cheat, and drink a stupid brew.
You would think I was just saying that, but believe it, because its true.
I thought I had an ally, someone that I could trust
Turns out she took some shots, got a guy, and says its lust.

Finding what your looking for is harder than is seems
Because the friend Im looking for is brighter than some beam.
I want to find a girl or boy who knows what Im about
And who will help me steer away, from all the kids with doubt.
I honestly don’t see the point of getting wasted and so high
Theres better things to do than sneak around and tell your lies.

So now what do I do?
I have no one to turn to.
Because while everyone is out this weekend having they’re kind of “fun”
I’ll be sitting home alone, trying not to run.
Things like drinks and drugs don’t do anything for you
Except hurt the people that you love and leave them waiting in the blue.
So do yourself a favor, and if you have this problem
Stop. Because all thats going to happen to you, is that you’ll turn into a goblin.

Im the only one.
The only one that hasn’t “won”.
But Im okay with that because I know whats better
Besides, Im not the one who’s going to wind up being the regretter
So what I’ll do is sit alone, and write this pome and wait until its over
Because the only time I’ll want to see you is the next time that your sober.

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