February 11, 2011
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What is My Responsibility?

I wake up in a bed every morning,

I have people who love me,

I go to school with friends,

Then I watch the news and ask:

What is my responsibility?

My heart says help,

My soul secretly cries,

My mind begins to plan,

Yet I am not one because:

What is my responsibility?

Do I send money?

Do I send Clothes?

Do I send Toiletries?

Why is it so hard to help?

What is my responsibility?

Are they my people?

Are the cries of those children for me?

Are the bodies on the ground a punishment?

Why can’t I look away from the devastation?

What is my responsibility?

Is everything to come to an end?

Will this happen again?

How many can I ignore?

How do I stay sane?

What is my responsibility?

I wake up on the ground.

The people who love me are dead.

My education means nothing.

I pray for a blessing.

Is it still my responsibility?

I should have helped.

I could have made it better.

I would have made a difference.

Now the tide has changed.

My responsibility is to live and tell a story.

It’s your responsibility to take the step I didn’t,

To make a change where I doubted,

To help where I questioned,

To change my words from what is my Responsibility To

It is our Responsibility.

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