you can see it now

February 5, 2011
They are talking to you
Through the screen-
Just at you.

You’ll feel it
Nothing will compare
And you’ll hold your breath
And knock your knees
And try not
To faint.

You can see it now, can’t you
Kayti don’t go
Don’t let them pull you away

You have school
And work
You have responsibilies
Kayti stop
And listen

This is crazy
Kayti trust me now
Or it’ll be too late

This whole world
Is fake
Inches out of sight there’s
And mics
And men in baseball caps
Theres a set edge
And lights

It may not seem like it
But it’s real
it’s all that IS real

They may seem alone
Their smiles filling the room

But it’s not their love
It’s a camera crew
With equiptment

And this isn’t love
Or spontinaitity
This is the 14th take
And they’re both getting a little sick of it

But hey
He yells
And they makes their eyes go wide again

And you.
You just




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jazzy16 said...
Mar. 11, 2011 at 11:00 pm
really good message! i like how you spaced things out for emphasis on certain words and ideas. especially the last 3 lines. keep writing!!! :)
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