The Silence of the Cold

February 22, 2011
By Ashley Banana BRONZE, Poolesville, Maryland
Ashley Banana BRONZE, Poolesville, Maryland
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The silence of the cold,
Brought on by years of neglect,
Is beginning to gain volume. Warmth.

The stillness of the earth,
Brought on by countless moments of disregard,
Is beginning to gain speed. Motivation.

The glossy cover over one’s eyes,
Brought on by decades of brain washing and propaganda,
Is beginning to fade away.
The light brown color, and flecks of gold, returning to the iris.

I do not write with the hopes to be mightier than the sword,
But, rather, to be mightier than the blissful ignorance we so readily cover ourselves with.

This planet, this country,
Must begin to break the silence,
Begin the movement,
Remove the shields from our eyes,
And embrace the obstacles we have brought onto ourselves.
Welcome the challenges.
Welcome the change.

The author's comments:
Inspiration- Late night thoughts.

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