The Perfect Crime

February 7, 2011
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When I first saw you
I knew without a doubt
you were the one for me
the one I couldn’t live without.

So I approached you
and I saw
a ring on your finger
that should have ended it all.

But when you looked at me
the lust was clear to see
and I could tell
your marriage was flawed
holy matrimony wasn’t so sacred after all.

A few secret words,
A stolen kiss.
No on could control
passion like this.

Our love’s the perfect crime
bittersweet yet so divine,
with a perfectly crafted alibi
I’ll be your’s and you’ll be mine.

A moments win
taking pleasure in our sin
a hotel room, your old Cadillac
Stolen moments kept on track

With your schedule
With her time
She gets the best of you
While I wait in line.

Our love’s the perfect crime
with secrets left to us to keep,
based on lies and deceit
you get more daring with each new feat.
She is your’s but you are mine
if only for 30 minutes at a time.

You say you love me
as you whisper in my ear,
“I’ll leave her soon
you have nothing to fear.”

But one day you showed up late
guilt written all over your face
your wife is pregnant
and now that you know
there is no doubt
you have to go.

If things were different
you swear
you would be with me
but life isn’t fair
you can’t love me
while she’s there.

You stopped coming,
you stopped taking my calls,
I knew she had you
but I wanted you all.

Our love’s the perfect crime
So I started to wonder why
I let her come between us
all this time.

So one night
when you worked late
I snuck into your house
I knew it was Fate.

It was the perfect crime
that night you were my reason why
I planned an alibi. So
I could be your’s and you could be mine
Now you can see
how much your love truly means to me.

Blazing sirens
and flashing lights
She won’t come between us
another night.

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