Remaining scars

February 6, 2011
By Damara...C GOLD, Mings Bight, Other
Damara...C GOLD, Mings Bight, Other
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Now remain the scars from that night a week ago,
I feel so dead inside,
My happiness, joy, and innocence where did it all go?
The wounds of my heart remain open,
The wounds of my body they close,
They say it takes time, and with time comes healing,
But, for me, instead of healing it brings more.
I’m not past the night of two years ago.
I’m not past the days of when I were alone and cold.
I’m not past the promises that were broken.
The days ahead bring more pain,
How will I ever survive?
I know its not worth it,
But, locking it up inside,
Hiding my hurt and pain.
Its all hard.
Life… is hard,
Some how it makes me feel better for while,
It drowns out my inner pain,
Than I start thinking,
My parents.
My friends.
What will they think or say?
Once again everything comes crashing down around me,
Leaving me defenceless, helpless, and hurt.
You’d think after they knew or saw what I’ve done,
They’d give me advice, the help that I need.
They make me feel like I’m not worth it.
Like, I’m a waste of fresh air…
Than I come into the shelter of your arms,
And once again I feel safe,
How could I have betrayed you,
Break the promises I made?
You’re the one who’s there in the end.
Right beside me holding my hand.
Now with that blade to my wrist I won’t bring,
I’ll stop in my tracks and start remembering,
The stripes you endured with that whip long ago,
You’ve suffered for me.
So why put myself through this pain when you’ve already conquered it?
You’re there to make me whole!!

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