That Girl Is Me

February 2, 2011
By Anonymous

She looks like just any other girl.
She is beautiful and wonderfully unique.
She is not normal, and completely incomplete.

That girl is me.

She is happy, but dark.
She is different from the rest.
Does she sound familiar?

She has her highs
That’s what she calls them her highs.
The days when she is happy, loving life.

Then her lows
The days when she hates life, hates her self.
And is on the merge of suicide.

She cries for help all the time.
Yet no one listens.
They do absolutely nothing.

They pretend like she is just another normal girl.
She will never be normal.
She is completely incomplete.

Is so sad watching her go back and forth all the time.
From her highs to lows and back again.
She’s either too depressed or too happy.

She needs help!
She really does.
But no one cares to listen.

She just wants to be normal.
And tries her hardest to do so, but why wont anyone help her?
For she is a girl with a side the world will never see.

She is beautiful.
She is unique.
She is completely incomplete.

That girl is me.

The author's comments:
I love this poem its probably one of my favorites. I wrote this poem because everyone thinks they know me but the truth is no one really does and i express a lot about my self through this poem.

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