The Heart Thief

February 15, 2011
I feel this emptiness inside me
As though something is missing
It's my heart, it has been stolen
I've looked far and wide for it
But I can't seem to locate it
I asked your help in finding my heart
But you refused my offer
I can tell you're hiding something
I just don't know what
Explaining my emptiness to you makes you feel sympathetic
You start to cry, reaching into your pocket
In your hand is a blue satin bag that's pulsating
Handing it to me you say
"I'm sorry I stole your heart
I only did it so you could realize how much I love you
In exchange for your heart, I've given you mine
Please except my love for you
And place my heart in your chest
Then we can truly be together forever"
I took his heart and pressed it into my chest
As I did this, both our hearts lit up a purple color
We could see them beating, together
As one
Now we are truly are one
Our love binds us together
Nothing can separate us

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