Laying Here With "The One"

February 15, 2011

We are standing together
The warmth of the sun
Shinning down on us
A cool breeze
Blows through our hair
Our hands are linked together
You place a kiss on my lips
They taste sweet
Almost like watermelon
We go for a stroll through the woods
Leaves crunch under our feet
We lay a blanket on the ground
Laying side by side
Looking into each others eyes
The passion we have
For each other runs deep
He hold me close
I can tell he never
Wants to let me go
His body is keeping me warm
As the wind picks up
When I'm with him
Is the only time I feel like I belong
He makes me so happy
And makes me feel good
I know I make him feel good too
Pure bliss is the only way I can describe it
Our love will last forever

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