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Silver Path

February 15, 2011
By NonsensicalMuse PLATINUM, San Anotnio, Texas
NonsensicalMuse PLATINUM, San Anotnio, Texas
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As a grey night dawns,
The world grows still and quiet,
Yet a storm rumbles on in the distance,
Somewhere a light in a small house remains burning,
In that small house a girl sits and silently ponders,
Everything, Nothing,
Her mind is a whirlwind of thoughts
She’s trying to clear the clutter from her mind,
Yet she can’t quite,
It’s still marred by traces of agony,
heartbreak, sorrowful mourning,
She abandons her efforts and escapes into her music,
The melody drowns it all out,
She can not hear the thunder echoing throughout the sky,
She doesn’t know a storm is brewing,
She’s to busy ignoring her own raging within,
Caused by the agony of living with the feeling,
That she’s never good enough
Always feeling like she could be better if she was a different person
The heartbreak of losing someone you cherish
Someone you think will always be there for you,
The melody drowns out the howling winds,
The harsh un-rhythmic fall of the rain,
All that matters is the music.
The raw thunder, her angered, pounding heart,
Becomes the drum in the background of the song,
Carrying the beat,
The howling wind, the fiery dialogue within her mind,
Becomes the resounding voice of a singer,
The lyrics resonate out,
Giving meaning to the melody,
The pulse of the rain, her hidden tears,
Gradually become the instrumental blend that binds it all together.
For a moment she can forget,
She can lose herself in the welcome abyss that music creates
Yet when the song is over it all resurfaces,
And she is forced
To step outside her small house,
Into the dripping dusky world,
To gaze beyond her doorstep into the fields and the forest,

And now she has to face it all,
That sorrowful mourning of feeling like you lose a piece of yourself when someone leaves
Of feeling the sadness of losing a loved one
A pet, friend, mother, father, anyone,
As silver grey tear slides down her face she wonders if she will ever be okay
They say she is fine
But how can they really know?
Her past is clouded with painful memories,
Memories that threaten to drag her back,
Further into that dark abyss,
That at times almost seems welcome,
She is almost tempted to give in,
Yet she keeps going,
Because she longs for a happy ending,
She believes it is within her grasp,
Perhaps it is that small flame she sees flickering within the forest?
Yet it seems dark and foreboding in there,
It threatens her with the feelings of hers that it harbors,
Feelings she does not wish to face,
If she where to venture into the forest,
It would be hers,
Yet she’s not quite sure,
The first stars begin to appear,
The gentle twinkling brings to mind,
The tear that glistens in the corner of her eye,
It reminds her of the constant struggle,
To keep tears at bay,
Yet the tears are persistent and at last she relents,
Allowing them to flow,
In that night,
Where it doesn’t matter anymore,
No need to pretend,
To appear strong is merely a waste of energy,
They keep coming
And soon puddle around her feet
Forming a silvery river that goes on endlessly,
Winding and snaking onwards,
Into the forest,
She hesitates for a moment,
Knowing what she will face there,
Yet she decides it all worth it,
As she begins to follow the path she has made,
She finds that the forest is not so dark and foreboding after all
It merely appears so from a distance,
A soft breeze causes the trees,
To whisper words of hope and healing,
The path keeps on meandering further into the forest,
And soon leads her to a haven,
A haven where she is safe and loved,
Adored for who she is,
Not the person they want her to be,
The person she has kept hidden for so long,
Is finally allowed to be free,
For so long she has been under restraint,
The little girl within is ecstatic,
She is finally free,
The light has faded,
And now the moon and stars take hold of the sky
Her thoughts calm,
And she sinks into the wonderful bliss of sleep
She sleeps dreamlessly, serenely,
Making her silently aware that all of her worries are put to rest
No more bindings and shackles
No more hurt and pain
Just joy and bliss
This is her happy ending

The author's comments:
This is a poem written by me and my friend SocialCollision.She's on Teenink too so look her up please!We each wrote a few poems and them combined them for this finished result.She is due at-least half the credit for this.

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