February 22, 2011
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We hang out with friends
Our parents don't understand us
If we stay out late they jump to conclusions

We have a lot of pressure to fit in
We find our groups or be loners
We fall into depressions and have outbrusts of anger

We are pushed to our limits
Some of us can handle it ,but some can't
Some of us commit suicide

We fall in and out of love
Our hearts are broken
We find our boyfriends or girlfriends

At school we are judged by everyone
Everything we do or wear is judged
Some of us stand out while others blend in

We have big choices ahead of us
Do we go to college or drop out
Do we go to jail or stay clean

What do we want to do as a career
We get part-time jobs or full-time jobs
We have put aside many childish things

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