Story of Us

February 18, 2011
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Here I go again
Falling hard
I wince and struggle
But can’t get up
The darkness surrounds me
And I cry out
But the shades continued to dance
And shriek curses unleashed from Hell

Feet appear as streaks
All I could do was stumble
And panick, trying to escape
Legs fail to cooperate
Feet trap in holes
I scream
And Scream
But no one seems to hear me

I only could wonder
Why the shadows are after me
Then I realize that could it be:
“The shadows are not happy
With us together
They want us apart
If not dead
Can they just leave us alone?”

The shades cowered as light
Shone from the distance
And up the darkened hill
Came you
Ivory skin glowing the moon’s rays
Eyes kind but bright with fear
You call out to me
Voice soft, comforting
But echoing
Your light drove off
The fearsome creatures
And you came running

I ask why we were being pursued
You simply answer with a sad sigh
“The shadows are not happy
With us together
They want us apart
If not dead
I know
Can they just leave us alone?”

You took my hand
And pull me along
Your hands rough
But smooth
You assure me it will be okay
Even though both of us know
The truth
We ran
And ran
Attempting to avoid the demons’ jaws
But they were catching up
And I could already feel their claws

I turn around
Tears swarming green eyes
I scream “why are
The shadows not happy
With us together?
They want us apart
If not dead
Can’t you leave us alone?”
No! The shades cry
And they continued to pursue

I had enough
I wasn’t going to run
No more was I
Going to hide
I was going to fight
And when I could not move,
Until I have breathed my last breath, die

Demon after demon
Swarmed me
You tug my arm
But I ignore you
I watched the blackness
Swirl into a twirling
Eternal mass
I knew what I had to do
I was doing it for you

You scream at me for an answer
I simply reply with a sad sigh “The shadows are not happy
With us together
They want us apart
If not dead
And now, they will leave us alone!”

I jump
Into the terrifying sea
Of total negativity
All my life’s sins and mistakes
Finally haunted my eyes
Every sin
Every lie
Every anguished moment of my life
I was fighting myself
I was fighting a fight
I would never win

I screamed
And screamed from the agony
That had returned
“Fight! Fight it! I had to fight!”
I couldn’t let it
Take me as prisoner again
I could not let the shadows be happy
With us not being together
And finally sating the thirst of wanting us apart
If not dead
And succeed in ending our pleas for
Leaving us alone
I had to fight
I had to save us
I loved you

Fists swung
Out of my control
Into the demons eyes
Blood spilled from the wounds
But they seemed to suffer
I continued on
Striving for the freedom
We knew

At last they seemed to die down
The shades finally began to shrink
And all that was left was me
Lying in a crumpled heap
I knew that you were coming
I could feel your warmth
I could hear your sweet heart beat
Pounding as you race to my side

Kind eyes fell on mine
You were smiling but
I held your gaze
and cooed to raise
your down spirit

“Hush my darling, the shades are no more
The shadows may not been happy
With us together
And yes, they definitely
Wanted us apart
If not dead
But no they are gone
Long lost to this world
And yes, love
They finally left us alone.”

You look at me
But I simply smile
You struggle with words
I just laugh softly and
Close my eyes
You seem to understand
For you lean in too
You pecked my lips softly
And we laid there for awhile

This is the story of our love
People may not like it
But we go for it anyway
And believe it or not,
We love it

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lostnhim said...
Mar. 9, 2011 at 7:41 pm
(: I loved this. It told a story, and i could picutre it... GREAT job.(:
FantasyROXmySOX13 replied...
Mar. 10, 2011 at 5:15 pm
Thank you sooooo much! I appreciate the compliment! :D
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