February 18, 2011
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You creep out of your room.

You look over the archway.

You see the screams;

You hear the screams

You notice the shrieks

You enter the hallway

Make a left to the bathroom

At a glance you see the rubber duck
from your childhood

This makes you flinch.

You contiune on to the bathroom.

You strip down to nothing but scene t-shirts, and skinnys.

Hold your stuffed teddy to your heart.

Pack your bags.

Cut through the hallway; dash down

the stairs.

Snatch a wallet.

Sneak out.

Run out.

Stake out.

Camp out.

Thinking out,

You found yourelf...

you decide

to apologize

you run home

as you walk the road towards


You hear a soft horn

You see a light.

You stare into it.

You fall

as you regain consiousness

you touch a sticky red liquid

look at your hand.

you gasp

a pain emerges

you look up

lights fade

you start to cry

you hear slight sirens.

lights fade.

You begin to get cold.


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