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Music Box

February 18, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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" Art is beauty everlasting "

Slowly ripped apart, the umbilical cords they entangle
We were meant to be so much more, and instead you're here to strangle
The void where we scream our anger, Clever quid pro quo like an artists angle
The splinters of your soul, were stories to unfold, in the open air before our eyes

The first love born under Venus, goddess of love prevailing bleakness under silver suns
The one cradle by the February fog, beauty intoxicated by smog, innocence that was gone
Across the four winds where the wild stallions roamed, the ashes of your consent to be alone
I tore that void between us, when no one else believed us, When reality of young love deceived us

I caught a second breath, Between the boundaries of death, The diamonds laden in her eyes, I thought to wield no lies
I broke the ties along the way, That bound my spirit and forced my stay, They say in life to play the hand you're dealt, And yet at night I still feel the welts
What could go wrong in such short a time? Where were the words that we made rhyme? The music box that held us together, even when we knew things would not get better

But you two had put to rest, a spirit deep inside, that shot out of the explosion, came ready for the fight
It was wasted on you all, I felt empty deep inside, A sinner's contemplation, Measures must be taken, For this taint I am erasing
So inside the shadow of doubt I fornicated, The box I locked myself away, Sealed the key inside my heart, Hoping that you would stay

So with these seasons changing fast, I am ready to let go of my past, Forgive to let go, never forget what you know, If you see my footprints in the snow, You can sleep knowing I'm cold no more
The autumns remind me of what will be, Lucid decay inside my head, Like all the leaves that gently sway, Life that is soon to be dead
To make way again for the cold, When winter is reaching out, So when the frost fills your lungs, Resist the urge to shout
When the lilies rise out of the earth And the wasps pollinate anew, When the hummingbirds glide on the crescent gusts You'll know it won't be too soon
Before the summer comes and we've undone, what we took so very long to make, When we gambled love and trust alike, And the sun beams down on our reddened faces, There will be a love not worth tracing
But without mistaking sure enough the fall will rise once more, The graveyard caterwauls and eerie moonlight sopranos will fill my heart tonight. So let your lips caress that phantoms kiss, Before we say goodbye...

The music box is playing, for the brightest and the bold, The requiem of shallow waters, My mother god rest her soul................................

The author's comments:
The loss of so many people in my life

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