...........Sanity is nothing but a lie to the spirited

February 18, 2011
I signed a death warrant on the exile, dreams that conspire against me
If I say my nightmares are my comforts would that shock you?
Because despite the scare, I know the horrors will not lie
As my own mind stands against me still, Gazing at bloody stars
A solar eclipse where the moon blocks the sun, and my emotions cloud my power
A lunar eclipse, where the sun shields the moon, and my power burns away my love's darkest desires
A black sun, yes is that what I need? Or a burning moon?
A combination where my emotions can no longer be contained within my spirit, Where I absorb the negativity, It breeds in the ruins of my psyche, Eventually it will crush me, to help others
Ask yourself who you choose to save, Ask yourself who you choose to remain nameless, Where does your emotions and logic fuse, stranded alone inside the deserted realms of sanity comfort the fictitious lies that plague us all. Save me my brother, For I can no longer save myself

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