Fake with a capital "Fahh"

February 18, 2011
Look at me
what do you see
I'm a girl from reality
all the "pretty girls" are so fake
I like to call them the inappropriate word for a rake
They are so dramatic, so opaque
so they're the pretty girls?
oh my mistake. . .
They may wear rubies or jade
but they'd never where a bracelet homemade
when boys see "her" in the halls they parade
their real selves, they start to fade
the boys think they want this girl
this girl that makes the rest of us want to hurl
she may wear diamonds or pearls
but she is so fake with her weaves and curls
so when you're single
and ready to mingle
when your tummy starts to tingle
you'll realize your girl wont bee the one eating nothing, she'll be the one with the pringles.
Today's guys are so stupid, you're hurting my head
I'm tired of you believing that fake mess, I'm going to bed!
one of the fake girls you won't wed
but did you listen when i said. . .
They may wear silver or gold
but give me a break its getting old
the way you treat real girls is just cold
onto one of us you should hold.
Makeup goes on her face in pounds
maybe hills, or mountains, or mounds
she looks like a doll that could be wound
I'm tired of hearing their preppy sound
They may wear Emeralds or topaz
but these dumb guys are making me so mad, they cant see the piece of plastic in front of them, so sad.
Dear guys, your relationship with a fake girl is like spaghetti that's gone bad
so soon you'll see
what you really want is a real girl like me.
Because I, I will not flea,
I am a girl from reality. . .

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