Sunset on the Ocean

February 18, 2011
By KaraDeGonnecchi GOLD, Honolulu, Hawaii
KaraDeGonnecchi GOLD, Honolulu, Hawaii
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The sun lays low on the horizon
Atop the water,
Each white crested wave on the ocean’s surface
Carries the sunbeams.

Along the sea weed covered rock jetty
Floats white sea foam
The waves lap at the oil black stone
Like Poseidon’s blue tongue.

The sun kisses the ocean’s glittering face
Setting it on fire,
As the water resigns to gentle crashing
A soothing sound.

The yellow beaked sea gulls flap their gray wings
And give their cries,
As they ride the brine scented breeze
The water no longer roars

The sunlit water tumbles up upon the sandy shore
Eager to come,
Then it retreats to its darker and deeper depths
Hissing softly on the sand.

Oh what bliss and what rapture,
When a sunset meets the sea.


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