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February 25, 2011
By DezJade GOLD, Mannford, Oklahoma
DezJade GOLD, Mannford, Oklahoma
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"Know the shame of one's own ignorance before accusing others."

I don't quite know when I became like this,
When I became who I am today.
I used to be so warm, so bright,
so innocent and full of that naive light
Such a child, I was
I miss those days
When I looked forward to tomorrow,
to the adventures it held
When I felt the urge to play outside
And I wrote letters to Harry Potter I insisted must be mailed
When I could eat forever and not gain weight
When I didn't understand the meaning of the verb, to hate
When I leapt with my eyes closed
And I held strangers' hands
I'd see a stray dog and fall in love
And I'd pout when push came to shove
Now, here I am...
And I've lost my identity.
Now I see couples walking down the hallway
And I scoff and roll my eyes
Because I know it's not real.
I think I've forgotten how to feel.
What now?
Where will it go from here?
Everyday, I watch and watch
As I fly further away
I can remember the warmth, but all I feel is the cold
I narrow my eyes at the hands I ache to hold
Love, I remember, just can't be blind
Neither is it quite so simple to find
I wish I could go back in time
And give my past self the famous line:
Love is rare, life is strange
Nothing Lasts, and people change.

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