Where I'm From

February 25, 2011
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I am from multiple moves and several siblings;
From a growing family, full of chaos

I am from sibling rivalry and memorable moments,
A family that is always there through everything

A small town, a small school
With a small, close knit group of friends

An Aquarian personality:
Stubborn, independent, and unpredictable

I am from headphones constantly in my ears,
Strolling along in my own little world

I am from internal turmoil
Many personal triumphs that I have overcome

I am from heartache and loss,
From knowing who to trust and who to let go

Personal pursuits to find myself,
The never ending struggles of who I am

I am from don’t talk back, work hard;
From speak your mind and tell the truth, don’t let others walk all over you

I am from good times spent with friends,
and other times when we didn’t get along

I am from mistakes made and choices I regret,
From decisions I have to live with

I am from multiple moments,
All blended together to make one life

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