You are the Quote of a Life Time

February 21, 2011
By Anonymous

The hair that falls freely around your face and dances in the breeze
The color of hazelnuts and chocolate
That mouth the shade of rose petals
A light pink that beckons my own
The length, that height
So tall and yet not reigning over myslef
That muscle as you work out
I am embarressed but my eyes wonder constantly
Those lashes, long and lush
Black as coal and as long as a girls
And lastly,
The reason I could never give you up
Those eys, sparkle, sparkle in the light
Twinkle a mix of warm-cold
The color of stained glass in front of the sunlight
The color of the oceans wildest depths
The color of nature and grass and earth and leaves
The color of green
Not minty, not earth, not quite sea foam, not quite any shade at all that I have layed upon before
With speckles of gold, like you absorbed the suns rays
You are amazing
A stare of all wonders
Your eyes
They say it all
Your whole self
Every aspect of you,
especially those green green green eyes,
You are the quote of a life time

The author's comments:
I have never seen such beautiful features in any one man, until this one fell upon me. He was my lover, if for only a bit, but a lover still to my heart. He never wanted me, but his looks were something not one pair of eyes in that school could give up. Females wanted to be with him while males wanted to be him. Extraordinary.

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