gone out

February 21, 2011
every time your around me

i feel invaded
your intrusive and your subordinate

i cant be right, no I'm always wrong

you say the things that I'm doing...so ridiculous...you should be home with us we're your raisers
they want me to tighten up my act , so they refrain me, tie me up and chain me

they want me to do right and get good grades
so they keep me home where they can tame me

they say i can be me, yet everything i do is ridiculed and scheduled for change

rules and these regulations
make me feel like I'm suffocating

so i stay out late and avoid these four walls

i stay where I'm welcome and allowed to take a fall
allowed to really feel happiness deep down to the bone
and you wonder why I'm never here?

yeah you scream and shout about how i haven't been there,

but have you questioned why i wouldn't want to come home..

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