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Words of Wisdom

February 21, 2011
By owlboy BRONZE, Austin, Texas
owlboy BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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‘Tis a warm summer day.
When Winter is at bay.
Perish this thought of dreadful cold and fill it with something warm and bold.
Let thy feet gently touch the grass.
Which is soft and smooth like a gentle blanket, alas
We are bound to Earth, but let the winds
Carry thy spirit away with it and be free from these binds.
Cherish thy spirit of freedom and never let it go.
Let its courage and hope be like this tree and be so.
With roots deep and strong, buried in the dirt of fair.
Stem thick and long with the water of truth and care.
Branches that hold your belief and will,
That spread giving knowledge of who you are, from and till
To all that ye know and love.
Leaves, soft and smooth like a white dove
That tell of thy wondrous friends.
That come and go to what nature lends.
Do not let sorrow times let ye will bend.
Endure this pain and grow upon it and strengthen thy stem.
Cherish thy love ones be joyful and not to condemn
Them when they leave guide and help them to the end.
These are words of wisdom; let them help your spirit never bend

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