Get Lost

February 21, 2011
By , latham, NY
Lets get lost on purpose.

Lets go right now and never come back.

Live for everyday,
but only today’s today.
Never yesterday,
never tomorrow,
never even yesterdays tomorrow or tomorrows yesterday,
just today.
The present is all that exists.
What’s the future?
What’s the past?

Just say yes.
Mean it.
Just say yes
Right? yes left? yes
It doesnt matter.
Any question,
every question

Lets ride the midnight train.

I dont want to leave you,
I want to leave with you.

Lets get lost together,
in some place we’ve never been.
Lets create memories no one else has.

Lose the gps.
Who needs directions,
just take a right.

Maybe we’ll find a beach.
Maybe we’ll find a meadow,
a park,
a house,
a life.

You can’t know until you’ve tried

Lets get lost together.
Who knows where we’ll end up.
That’s the point,
Start over,
Love life as it comes,
Don’t regret.

Don’t you want to know you said yes, yesterday?
So say yes today.
Don’t think about tomorrow,
we’ll figure it out later.
It’s right now that matters.
This very second.

Jump in the car.
Walk down the street.
Hop on the train.
At midnight.

See who you meet,
See who you see,
See where you land,
See where you fall.

Then leave.
Don’t stay.
Get lost.

Just dont leave me alone.
Come with me,
stay with me...

Lets get lost together.

Lets get lost on purpose.

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