An Ode To The iPod

February 21, 2011
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An Ode to the IPod
Oh beautiful Nano, silver and liquid
Whose beautiful voice graces my ears
And blocks the assaults of the world
Mystiful iPod, I may know naught of your inner workings,
But I adore you, for when the earthly gets unbearable
Always you are there, ready to comfort me, or to anger me, or to simply stir up the feelings I thought were lost in me.
Curled up in bed, in the car, on the bus,
You are my faithful companion
And when you are with me, none can reach me.
Not my parents screaming, nor my sisters, nor my peers.
With you crooning in my ears, I am untouchable.
I push you to your limits, and yet you always respond,
You always manage to satisfy.
Beautiful iPod, you are my safe haven, the calm within the eye of the storm.
I worship you, for you save me.

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