February 21, 2011
By , Bismarck, ND
A swingset; Rusted with age,
The seat cracking and the chains squeaking as they move.
Drag your bare feet in the warm sand,
Push yourself higher into the air.

Lay on your belly in the cool grass
Run your fingers over soft blades.
Turn the clouds into pictures,
Dance in the puring rain.

The sands of time slip from your grasp
As you desperately hold tighter.
Slowly falling at first,
But then cascading down
Ripping your childhood away
Forcing you to grow up.

Try to hold on, to reclaim that innocence
That's been so unceremoniously taken away
They all tell you to grow up,
You knew it was inevitable;
But why did it come so soon?

Looking back through the time that's passed
A tear rolls down your cheek.
So many things you didn't get the chance to do.
Wishing desperately that you could go back
To that time where you were so carefree.
The issues of today didn't matter.

Looking through old pictures,
Keeping those memories locked away,
Taking them with you as you grow up too fast.
What you would give to go back just one more time
To fully appreciate being a child,
Wishing you hadn't been so eager to grow up.

Recapture those moments.
Build a snowman, climb a tree,
Go sledding, or watch something Disney.
Build a blanket tent, with your best friend
And have a sleep over in it.
Do the things you used to do.
It doesn't matter that you've grown,
Being grown up doesn't mean fun has died.
It can always be revived and restored,
All you have to do is look for it.

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