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what would you do

February 23, 2011
By mbmomo BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
mbmomo BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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What would you do what would you say if today was my last day?
Would you tell me you love me or kiss me on the cheek?
If I were you, to tell you the truth, I would do both
“I love you!” I’d shout from the rooftops
I’d write it on the sky
I’d tug on her hair and pull her in for a kiss
If you were to leave me you know what I would do
I’d tell everyone I know that I love you
I would lock myself in my room and email you everyday
Every day I would email you kisses and tell you I love you
If the feeling was mutual you’d do the same
But I don’t know how you feel and I want to know
I love you I love you times a zillion I’d crawl to the ends of the earth to be with you
What would you do what would you say?
If today was our last day
Would you tell me you love me like I’d do to you?
Would you kiss me on the cheek run your fingers through my hair?
Boy what we had was special it was really great
But I’m afraid that tonight is our last date

The author's comments:
this is about the guy i likd

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