Real World

March 5, 2011
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There are conspicuous laws I tend to follow,

not any obligations of behavior I exactly agree upon.

However, I must obey these restrictions with fond attentiveness.

These filters have installed themselves inside my life

I was less than willing to coordinate room at the time.

somehow they found a way to nudge into me,

dig through me, and lodge into my soul;

An action nevertheless helpful yet gruesome torture all at once.

I did have empty spaces within myself,

the fragments of my heart that never truly made a whole.

Not after he left, I'm just like Humpty Dumpty.

No matter how hard they try, I can never be put back together again.

I've come to terms with that conclusion now.

These laws have embedded into me, burrowing like a summer tick,

cutting through my layers, and making room inside me just to stick.

Super glue works wonders, on a heart that clings so well

to anything that seals it shut.

Shapes it back into safety.

I'm simple like that, just the basics;

no matter how hard I try to be complex.

Reality truly doesn't flex with my life,

not winded an inch in my preferred direction.

The rules I'm forcen to follow have given my bones their structure,

pigmented my skin this pinkish-white,

The same rules that slashed a knife straight through my chest.

If it is not easily seen by this moment in time,

these rules are not exactly kind.

The laws I've learned to deal with.

At times I wonder if I'm a puppet, a robot with no off switch;

completing the undesirable actions I am now compelled to.

I never know how to act anymore, especially when I'm told to be myself.

Who is that girl? The one you ask me to be?

Tell me, I promise to listen, I will be her.

Awaiting a command, seeking answers to problems with no solution.

This isn't algebra class any longer sweetheart,

It's called the real world.

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