The Box

February 17, 2011
Every little girl has a box,
The one she places her hopes,
Dreams and her heart into.
She fills this box to the top,
And hopes she will find
A Prince strong enough to carry it.
Each day it gets harder to close,
Such hope has been placed inside,
A look away may cause it to vanish!
Closely she guards it,
It is all she has, it is so special
This box must be given to only one!
Finally, the day is here!
Her handsome loving prince has come
He lifts her off her feet to bliss.
"But Wait!" she cries, "My box!"
She has placed all inside,
It cannot be left behind.
"My dear one," says he,
"I have not forgotten; your box is here safe, with me,
Everything it contained I now posses.”
All of her dreams, in one fine Prince,
Waiting was hard, it took patience,
But just in time, He arrived!
No, things weren’t perfect,
They so seldom are
But together they survived.
Life for this one little girl
Has grown to true beauty,
She waited and she was blessed.
Her story unlike many is full of joy,
Oh what we do when we step too soon;
What plans we foil, and hope we crush!
In love we must learn to wait,
Patience is key and it pays off,
Love will follow if we just wait and pray.

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