February 17, 2011
By JeremyS GOLD, Sun City, Arizona
JeremyS GOLD, Sun City, Arizona
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That shattered picture on the floor,
it’s pretty funny how you’ll have to pay for it.
Who would’ve known one little fight would lead to a catastrophic meltdown.
Kicking, screaming, yelling, punching, throwing, trying to claw my face off.
I am laughing, you are crying,
was this not supposed to be hilarious?
My apologies.
But didn’t you ask to break up?
Don’t give me those lines,
I’m not the idiot, I didn’t over-react.
You’re the one who’s controlling, not me.
I didn’t sleep with other people, you did.
You’re right, this didn’t work out.
I hope you find someone special,
although, that is one stupid man.

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